Neelima M Nair - Amazon

So..what happened in my case was that we got the cycle but it was the wrong one . we got the one without gear instead of with gear ... So I demanded for a replacement or cancelation from Amazon and it was granted.. Then an agent from Cradiac Cycles contacted us and informed us about the options available to us for replacement , he told is we could either ship back the cycle and again wait for the new cycle or he could send us gear parts to be affixed to the cycle. We took the second option as the1st was a bit time consuming . They even offered us to give reimbursement for any expense incurred in fixing the bike ( which we politely declined as it wasn't much ) .... Anyway now the cycle is in great condition and Is functioning really well .......I would also like to praise their customer service and the agent for the follow up they maintained to help us through the slight crisis ????

Anyway , in the end it's actually a good or even we can say a great purchase ???????????? , the replacement they sent were also of great quality ... Soooo... Overall Happy ????????????????????????

Ricky Tiwari - Amazon

Explorer 29

I am writing this review after using it regularly for a month. Overall the cycle looks great in appearance. The build quality is good and features are perfect for fitness as well as long cyclings.

The support and services after sales are the best in the market. Happy for this valuable product!

Idris - Amazon

Discover 700C

A month back I got this cycle , had broken with peddle .
The customer support was so good that they have repalced the hole set of it with the quick response .

Great products are marked in a market by its service and I do recmand this to go with the closed eye , don't ignore this product cuse of new in the market . Its value for money totally 

Ashish Henry(Dehradun) - Flipkart


Amazing Cycle & service by the seller. The bike was tuned and serviced by the seller. Which was certainly good and was almost assembled as expected. Even the after-sales service is remarkable. I am extremely happy with this purchase. Would certainly recommend the seller: CRADIAC. Value for money product.



Prasad DG - Flipkart

CRADIAC Xplorer MTB 29

I recently bought this MTB cycle 29 inch size. Look wise, It's simply awesome. I am 6 ft tall and big built, and it perfectly matches my size. It's also light weight, so easy to carry. In terms of performance, on normal city roads the ride is fine, however I believe a hybrid model might be much smoother. In terms of long-term performance without any repairs, I need to use it for some time to comment. Overall I loved the cycle.


Prithviraj Das - Flipkart

CRADIAC Xplorer MTB 29 

Riding comfort is very good. Excellent service to all corners of India. Customer Care is just a call away and they send spares within a week.
Cycle handle bar is wider than other 29 er. Good for long rides. Tyre width is above par.Mud guard quality is also very good. Overall one won't be disappointed in this price. Thank You Cradiac.