Gravel Cycles

Gravel bicycles are versatile off-road adventurers built for rough terrain, blending road bike speed with mountain bike durability.

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Gravel bicycles, also known as adventure bikes or all-road bikes, are a versatile category of bicycles designed to tackle a wide range of terrain. They combine the speed and efficiency of road bikes with the rugged durability and stability of mountain bikes, making them ideal for exploring gravel roads, dirt paths, and rough trails. These bikes typically feature wider tires for improved traction and stability on uneven surfaces, as well as a more relaxed geometry for comfort during long rides. Gravel bikes often come equipped with disc brakes for reliable stopping power in various conditions, and they may feature mounts for racks and fenders to accommodate bikepacking adventures or commuting needs. With their ability to handle diverse terrain, gravel bicycles are favored by riders who seek adventure beyond traditional paved roads, whether it's exploring backcountry trails, embarking on long-distance touring journeys, or simply enjoying the freedom of off-road exploration.

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