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Abinath S
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"Best MTB cycle"

Amazing design band build quality was so good and solid and look was so amazing

XC 900 24 Speed
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Arpit S.
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"Enjoying the ride thus far..."

On a tight budget and having researched online for hours at a stretch for several days, consulting a pro cyclist friend and even visiting a dealer store, I finally opted for Cradiac Squad (Xplorer is the same model albeit with a different exterior look) - my first ever bicycle. The friend had vociferously recommended Decathlon and Firefox but the former's offering didn't convince / appeal to me as much while the latter was more expensive. Whether to buy such an equipment from online portal or from a local store was also something that I had put enormous thought to. What turned the decision in Cradiac's favour was the several reviews, both here and on Amazon's competitor portal, where the customers had indicated that Bicycle Store - Cradiac seller/distributor - was prompt, customer-friendly and provided good support and even couriered free replacements if the issue was genuine. Also happened to read that the company was formed by South Indian cycling enthusiasts who setup their assembly unit all the way in Punjab (bicycle manufacturing hub) - so there was this little added assurance. As for the bicycle itself, it boasted good features - entry-level mechanical dual disc brakes (better than V brakes in several parameters), 18.5 inch frame which is suitable for my 5'11" height, quick-release front tyres, suspension, MTB tyres etc. I did not opt for the geared variant because I had read it would need more maintenance and as a novice user, I actually didn't need that feature right now and would save some money on the purchase as well. So, I pressed the buy button, got a good debit card deal from Amazon in addition and waited nervously for the product to arrive. The product arrived on time, was neatly packed and came with printed instructions for the assembling - video I sourced separately by calling Cradiac customer care. I had not opted for the 499/- assembly service provided by Amazon. Instead, I assembled it myself (took me and my brother 1 hour+) and then we took it to the cycle mechanic shop nearby for the repair guy to check if everything is ok. I can tell you one thing - Always get it assembled by the local cycle shop! - the way I had assembled was not wrong - but these guys are pros at this and a lot of the assembly involves hard manual labour - tightening the nuts and bolts, checking alignment etc. - which is well beyond my knowledge / experience level. Besides, SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT and should never be compromised. I actually got the tuning done for 100 Rs in Kolkata but spending even 300 bucks is justifiable for this important activity. Also, I had ordered Cycling Helmet, Tail Lights, Horn and Front-Light accessories separately from Amazon itself in parallel. It has been 5 days since and I've been cycling for around an hour daily. And it has been an absolutely WONDERFUL experience thus far. Firstly, the bicycle not only looks premium but the frame is also sturdily built and the 29T MTB tyres are imposing / has an amazing road presence - besides being easier to balance on when compared to the thin city bicycle tires. Secondly, the pedals is powerful - I thought I'd get tired driving a Single Speed Cycle but even after an hour of cycling and roaming around the neighborhood and beyond, I don't feel tired at all and am able to cover sizeable distance/kms (I am not a fit person either). The seat is also comfortable when positioned flat. (I should emphasize that most manufacturers in India only build the bicycle frame - all the other accessories are sourced and assembled from other component manufacturers - the same applies to Cradiac. Incidentally, my friend had told me that Cradiac's frame is very good - and so I wondered that that's the only thing that really matters really). Also, while my product was being transported, I remember receiving calls from Cradiac / Bicycle Store twice - and they had sought info on my height, clarified my doubts, and intimated about delivery timeline etc. So all in all, it was a smooth buying experience as well. One thing which in hindsight I feel I could have done was to have the delivery address as the location of the bicycle mechanic itself - so that the product could have been directly delivered to him and he can assemble it in quick time. The braking system is good, suspension is good too (kolkata roads are dotted with potholes and speed breakers and I haven't been inconvenienced by it). The Cycle is heavy - but that's not an inconvenience really either - because once you start riding it, the weight is irrelevant / one does not feel it. However, because it is a large frame, maneuvering it in narrow lanes, crowded / high traffic areas could pose a challenge - I hope to adjust and train myself well before venturing in such areas. As for the tyres refuelling - the mechanic indicated that I should take the cycle to a 2-Wheeler shop - they have the proper pump and nozzles for this activity - the tyres are really fat / large sized. As for the parts in case of any future issues, Bicycle Store assured me of support - they'll quote for the components and courier it to my place - satisfactory I'd say... besides, I can even source it from the mechanic itself. Overall, It has been great riding it thus far. Hope it continues to be a good experience. I am happy with the purchase - the cycle looks much premium and sturdier than similar or even higher priced variants from the traditional age-old manufacturers. The mechanic even asked me - 'how much did you pay for this. above 10,000 Rs?', When I told him my landed price, he was quite impressed. Fingers Crossed for the Future. Bicycling is actually a fun activity and I'd recommend it to others too

Squad Single Speed
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